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About Us

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Our Commitment To You And Your Pet

Bakersfield is much different than it was when we opened our doors in 1938, but one thing has remained steadfast: our clients have always treated their beloved companions like valued family members. For the past 75+ years, it has been our commitment to provide the individualized, compassionate Bakersfield veterinary care our clients expect and deserve for their pets.

Our trusted, experienced doctors and staff are well trained and prepared to meet your pet's unique needs in a pleasant, efficient, and friendly manner. Our veterinary hospitals in Bakersfield are modern, inviting and feature a variety of specialized equipment so we may continue to offer the finest professional health care to the cats, dogs, and other companion animals for years to come.

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We Are Here For You

Your pet can't tell you when he or she is sick, and often serious medical issues can develop before their outward symptoms become apparent. Identifying any such issues as early as possible is the key to long-term good health and keeping the lifetime cost of caring for your pet as low as possible.

We would like to see your pet at least once a year. This gives us the opportunity to give your pet his or her annual veterinary wellness examination. This nose-to-tail check-up, combined with annual screening for internal parasites, blood work, and a vaccine program tailored to your pet's needs, will help us identify and prevent health issues before they become serious. We recommend vaccinating only against infectious agents your pet has a realistic risk of exposure to and won't recommend any vaccine be given more frequently than needed.